Dog & Boy Oversized Scarf Imagination, $129.
Dog & Boy Oversized Scarf Imagination, $129. Prue Aja Steedman

Lay it on me - warm up to outfit additions

What do onions, ogres and an Australian winter have in common? Layers - they all know the value of layers.

Monsters and vegetables aside, in the fashion world, layering is adding extra items on top of an outfit for warmth.

While it's easy to pull out your old denim jacket and shiver through the cool evenings, winter brings with it the option to add cute complementary clothing such as cardigans, coats, scarfs, shawls, beanies and berets.

I'll admit it, I love layers. And hopefully with this advice from fashion stylist Sarah Elizabeth Turner from Style Vice, you will too.

Silk Art Scarves Forest Wrap, $215. PHILLIP AYERSS

Sarah says there's more to adding layers than just grabbing your winter woollies - heavy fabrics and mismatched patterns can leave you looking frumpy.

"If you are unsure of how to outfit layered separates, stick with darker neutral colours such as black, khaki, navy, greys, dark denims,” she says.

"If you go with a printed outwear, stick with plain coloured complementary layers, for example, scarfs and hats to keep the outfit looking effortless but complementary.

"Adding layers adds bulk so you want to ensure you don't overwhelm your outfit by wearing heavier fabrics, extra layers, prints on prints and accessories all in one outfit.”

Allora Sing Breasted Cape in poppy, $550.
Allora Single Breasted Cape in poppy, $550. PRUE AJA PHOTOGRAPHY

While we do complain about the cold, most parts of Australia don't experience icy conditions, so you can still keep your summer staples in the mix.

"We certainly don't get a traditional winter so layering is key,” Sarah says.

"Try simple combinations such as adding a leather biker or denim jacket over a summery dress or top, boots - ankle or thigh high - with dresses and skirts.

"A scarf or a felt hat also helps to add warmth to a more summery outfit.

"My sequin bomber jacket seems to be my go-to at the moment for weekend style topped with a felt baker boy hat, which is this year's twist on a beanie.”

Allora Double Breasted Cape in ink, $499.
Allora Double Breasted Cape in ink, $499. PRUE AJA PHOTOGRAPHY

Overseas, Sarah says the streets and runways are full of long coats and thick woollens as top picks for keeping warm during their winter season earlier this year.

"Long coats in block colours and plaid prints were on high rotation on the overseas street-style scene,” Sarah says.

"Chunky oversized knits worn over satin slips and sneakers was also a winter outfit combination worn by US and European bloggers and fashion heavyweights.

"This is personally one of my favourite outfit combinations as it can be easily translated here.”