The Evans Head community is divided over the use of jetskis in the river. File photo.
The Evans Head community is divided over the use of jetskis in the river. File photo.

‘Jetski owners don’t give a sh*t about the rules, ban them’

Tempers have flared during a debate on social media over the use of jetskis in the Evans River.

Late last month, Phill Mitchell posted on the Evans Head Notice Board: “Why are jet skis allowed to go hell for leather in the river? Where’s RMS’ duty of care? F**k off.”

It sparked a heated argument between those who hated jetskis and others who were proud jetski owners.

Bobby Blotzer took the bold step of calling for jetskis to be banned.

“Jetski owners are f--kwits and don’t give a sh*t about rules,” he wrote.

Pam Gamble said she would prefer if jetski owners would “think of others” and stay away from groups.

“People don’t go to the beach/river to breathe exhaust fumes nor to hear motors screaming,” she posted.

Cyn N Stu Dickson: “They think they are intouchable and the river belongs to them.”

Niki Gill: “It’s disgusting! If you don’t care about our river go somewhere else and roar around.”

But jetski owners and users were quick to jump on and defend themselves.

Nathan Rachelle Lammers said they rarely commented on “these pathetic posts”: “But my husband, myself and our two children are local, we own a jetski and we are not f**kwits nor should we f**k off. How offensive and immature are you! You do not own the river.”

Hugh Johns: “Not all jetski operators are wankers mate, you will find it’s the minority that gives the rest a bad rap.”

Rozzie Reynish: “We take our jetski to the river (Woodburn) but like anything else it’s a case of common sense and obeying the maritime rules … unfortunately some abuse the privilege.”

Ravin Corvid: “Yeah ban jetskis. And quad bikes. Motorbikes too. Might as well ban pushbikes, scooters and skateboards while you’re at it. But leave the clubs and pokies and booze because old farts still think that’s living.”

Dimitrios Jimmy Reynish: “As a jetski owner, and one who pays rego to use my ski in the waterways, I’ll use the river as I please.”

Rules for personal watercraft

A PWC driving licence is required to drive a PWC at any speed

All PWC must be registered on NSW waterways

Everyone on a PWC must wear a lifejacket at all times

In all navigable waters, ‘operating in an irregular manner’ is not permitted within 200m of the shoreline where one or more dwellings are visible from the water and located within 200m of that shore

Driving a PWC between sunset and sunrise is prohibited, regardless of whether navigation lights are fitted.

(Source: RMS)