generic, domestic violence, unidentifiable people
generic, domestic violence, unidentifiable people

‘I’ll kill you’: Man convicted of domestic violence charges

A GRAFTON man who became involved in an argument with his ex-partner after he was found in her home in breach of an apprehended violence order has been sentenced.

Jeremy John McMullen was found guilty and convicted of contravene a prohibition/restriction in an AVO, common assault and stalk/intimidate with intent to cause fear of physical harm.

The court heard that McMullen and the victim had been in a 10-year relationship but separated in February 2019. In February this year the pair attempted to re-establish the relationship but it failed and McMullen was told by the victim not to return to her address.

Around 2.10pm on February 23 the victim returned to her residence and found McMullen sleeping on her bed. An argument broke out with McMullen repeatedly saying "it's my house too" and "I'm entitled to be here".

Court documents state the victim told McMullen to leave but he refused. The victim tried to retrieve her phone which she left outside the bedroom, however, McMullen stood in the doorway and prevented her from leaving.

The court heard the victim repeatedly told the accused to leave and as she was doing this McMullen had taken hold over her chin and neck. Eventually the pair left the bedroom and the argument continued in the kitchen. The victim attempted to call triple-0 but as she did this McMullen took hold of the victim's wrists and tried to take her mobile out of her hands.

McMullen then went outside for a cigarette, and the victim locked doors behind him and told him to leave.

The court heard McMullen yelled abuse at the victim to let him back in to gather his belongings, then went to the front door which was unlocked and entered the premises. The victim again tried to call triple-0 but McMullen took the phone from her and ended the call. The victim again told McMullen to leave, and he replied with "I'll kill you", and after another argument he eventually left.

The 32-year-old was sentenced in Grafton Local Court on Friday to a nine month intensive corrections order.