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A mum feared her five children would hear her being raped in the next room by her ex who had claimed ownership over her body parts.

Her traumatising 10-year-relationship with the violent man came to a head in late 2018 when he raped her three times at her Sunshine Coast home.

"How can I be charged with raping my own Mrs?" the 36-year-old dad asked police when they arrived to arrest him.

He was jailed on Monday after Maroochydore District Court heard the details of the terror he subjected the woman and their children to.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook said the man's criminal history was littered with violent offences against the woman and a protection order was put in place in February 2016.

He cannot be identified in order to protect the woman and her children.

Their relationship ended in October 2018 but the man returned to her home in December of that year, when he raped her.

The court heard she told him "no" and rejected his sexual advances several times.

"You'll do it or I'll strangle you," and "You'll do it or you won't see tomorrow," the man told her.

She was lying on her bed, feeling unwell on December 10 when he forced his penis inside her and raped her until he ejaculated.

He raped her again two weeks later.

On the third occasion she was raped, the woman had returned from work in January when the man said he had to check her vagina, referring to it as his own.

"I will have to smell it to see if I can smell another man's cum," he told her.

He got into the shower with her and became aggressive.

"She was afraid that if she fought him off, the children would hear," Mr Cook told the court.

The woman was raped before disclosing to her teenage daughter what had been happening.

The court heard gynaecology issues she experienced worsened the pain of her abuse.

A few days later, the man told the woman to suck on his penis while exposing it in front of their children.

Police questioned the man the next day when he asked how he could be charged with raping his "own Mrs".

He was arrested and taken into custody on January 16 last year.

"When I get out of here, she's dead, she's f-----," he told police.

While in jail, the 36-year-old made 49 calls to the woman, threatening her and trying to coerce her to drop the charges.

"He has terrorised the complainant for almost a decade," Mr Cook said.

"The effects of his offending will continue for many years.

"He's made her children and his own daughter victims as well from his conduct."

The man pleaded guilty to three counts of rape, seven counts of contravening a domestic violence order, and one count of attempting to pervert the course of justice.

He had been in custody for 593 days.

Defence barrister Terry Morgans said his client's plea of guilty was indicative of his remorse.

He said the man had struggled with alcohol and marijuana use throughout his life.

He had been unemployed for majority of the past decade.

Mr Morgans said Stage 4 restrictions in prison due to COVID-19 were impacting the man and could aggravate mental health difficulties.

"These restrictions mean this defendant will be locked in his cell unless there is essential reasons for him to be out of his cell, but for about one hour," Mr Morgans said.

"And it's that level of time confined in a cell … that is significant."

Judge David Reid told the man he had no right to a woman's body and when someone said "no", it meant no.

"You consistently treated her as an object to do as you will with and even when you were charged with these serious rape offences, you were persistent to offend against her," Mr Reid said.

"You were referring to her vagina as yours."

The 36-year-old was given a head sentence of nine years in jail with parole eligibility after serving four years.

He will be eligible for parole on January 15, 2023.

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