Rowan Baxter son: ‘I would take their place in a heartbeat’


THE 22-year-old son of killer Rowan Baxter has sent a heartbreaking message to the family of Hannah Clarke.

Clarke and her three young children, Aaliyah,6, Laianah, 4, and Trey, 3, were murdered by Baxter a week ago in a brutal car fire in Brisbane's Camp Hill.

Baxter died from self-inflicted injuries at the scene.

Rowan Baxter with Isaiah Baxter and Hannah Clarke.
Rowan Baxter with Isaiah Baxter and Hannah Clarke.

Speaking to Channel 9's A Current Affair,  Hannah's brother Nathaniel Clarke read an emotional message sent to the family from Baxter's son from his first marriage.

"We shared a similar bond as we both suffered years of domestic abuse and torment at the hands of Rowan," the message read.

"His appalling parenting caused irreversible damage to my mental health.

"If I could take the place of Aaliayah, Laianah and Trey I would in a  heartbeat."

Overnight, Nathaniel Clarke also told the ABC's 7.30 program that Baxter had made a "blubbering" phone call to his children the night before they were killed.

He said Baxter was cold, calculated killer who planned the horrific death of his children and ex-partner.

"It wasn't quick. It was planned and executed," Mr Clarke said.

"He had a plan that night when he called the kids and he was a blubbering mess.

"He knew what he was doing then. He had it all planned out, he knew what he was doing the following morning.

"He couldn't even do it quick. That's the worst thing. He made them suffer, and her."