MY DAY AT A NUDE RESORT: ‘While my friendly host’s smile was on display for the entire visit, the same couldn’t be said for his towel’.
MY DAY AT A NUDE RESORT: ‘While my friendly host’s smile was on display for the entire visit, the same couldn’t be said for his towel’.

I spent the day at a nudist resort, here’s what happened

OF ALL the words I could use to describe myself, a prude wouldn't be that high on the list.

However, when I set off to cover a story at the Noosa nudist resort, Noosa Edge Paradise, I'll admit, I had my hesitations.

Being a virgin to the clothes-free world I only had my assumptions and distorted imagination of what a nudist resort is like to guide my expectations.

Before arriving, I looked up a number of nudist websites, strictly for research purposes of course.

I prepared a vital checklist of what to do and, equally as important, what not to do once I arrived at the resort filled with fully-grown adults dressed only in their birthday suits.

Priority number one, remain eye contact at all times.

Priority number two, don't ever forget priority number one.

I pulled up to the entrance and the front gate slowly slid open.

As if the gate could sense my trepidation, it opened ever so gently to reveal a world which left me with an unusual feeling.

An equal mix of fear, anxiousness and excitement blended together to produce quite the emotional cocktail.

Dressed in only a towel, the super-friendly resort host, Rainer, greeted me in such a way that made me feel like I was the only person in the resort.

Secretly, I hoped that wasn't actually the case.

While my friendly host's smile was on display for my entire visit, the same couldn't be said for his towel.

Rainer proudly showed me around his facility.

The resort I mean.

We browsed the plush, comfortable bedrooms, the shared kitchen facilities, the pool complex and the games room.

It wasn't until we ventured out to the aptly named, The Cave and then the eye-opening Bondage Room that I realised the kitchen wasn't the only thing being shared at Rainer's resort.

I must stress, during my visit to the naturist's paradise, I strictly adhered to priority number one.

Furthermore, much to my mother's approval, I remained fully clothed the whole time.

But I was surprised at just how comfortable I was becoming with the nudity I was surrounded by.

It was almost like we were born that way or something.

Once my tour was complete, I thanked my accommodating host for his genuine hospitality, said my farewells and I shook his hand in a warm embrace.

It felt like his hand anyway.