There will be some changes to the HSC.
There will be some changes to the HSC.

HSC changes every student and parent needs to know

THE NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) COVID-19 Response Committee has unveiled a series of changes to the 2020 HSC today, which are effective immediately.

The changes signed off on by the committee include providing the principals with the power to determine the number, size, type and weight of tasks for Year 11 assessments and lifting the VET requirement for NESA students to undertake placement.

Other changes see the mandatory drama performance and musical ensemble assessments scrapped with schools have the power to modify another other performance based exams which contravene the social distancing rules.

Chair of the NESA Board, Professor Peter Shergold said that the committees changes still enable students to receive their HSC.

“I can say with certainty that students will have the opportunity to receive their HSC credential this year, so students should continue to learn, complete their assessments and taking care of themselves,” Professor Shergold said.

The Committee will meet next week to provide advice on major projects for Visual Arts, Design and Technology, Industrial Technology, Textiles and Design, English Extension 2 and Society and Culture.