RECYCLING: The community recycling centre in Ballina.
RECYCLING: The community recycling centre in Ballina. Contributed

How to get rid of your 'problem waste'

POTENTIALLY harmful household materials that can't be safely disposed of in your kerbside bin can be taken to the Community Recycling Centre at the Ballina Waste Management Centre.

This includes "problem waste” like unwanted paints, oils, batteries, gas bottles, smoke detectors and light bulbs.

It is free for all NSW residents to drop off at their CRC but it also means that most of these items will be recycled ensuring that these resources don't end up as landfill.

So far more than 440 tonnes of problem wastes, mostly unwanted paint and old gas bottles, have been successfully recycled through the Northern River's network of eight8 Community Recycling Centres including Ballina.

The paint ends up as an alternative fuel for use in cement kilns and undamaged gas bottles are retested, restamped and returned into the hire industry.

Damaged bottles and paint tins are recycled as scrap metal.

Ballina Waste Management Centre is at 167 Southern Cross Drive, Ballina. Opening hours are 8am - 4pm every day.

To find out more contact Ballina council on 6686 1287 or go to: crc-online.

If you've already visited a CRC, you can complete the feedback survey and go into the draw to win a $200 gift voucher.