Dark colours are all wildly popular now.
Dark colours are all wildly popular now. iStock

Hottest tips I've gleaned to make your space delightful

I have been lucky to count stylists, architects and interior designers among my friends. Naturally I have gleaned many helpful ideas and these are a few of my favourites:

Pull the focus off the television

It's tempting of course to have the television as the focus in a living room, but it's really worth the effort to minimise the visual effect of a conspicuous TV. Instead, use a welcoming dining room table and chairs or an attractive seating arrangement as the heart of your living space.

Hang art pieces to suit the space

Oversized and genuine artwork pieces instantly create a sense of individual style. If you don't have large pieces of art, hang smaller pieces in coordinated clusters to create visual interest and drama. And where possible, aim to hang your artworks roughly at eye level, as the visual effect is generally more pleasing at this height.

Embrace colour wholeheartedly

Gorgeous colours such as deep inky blue, slate grey and rich jungle green are wildly popular. So unless you have tons of natural light and pristine walls, decor and furniture, resist creating all-white spaces. As well as being passe, it can be unforgiving and virtually impossible to maintain - with every imperfection screamingly obvious.