Work is progressing on the Epiq development at Lennox Head.
Work is progressing on the Epiq development at Lennox Head.

Halfway mark reached for housing development

A MULTI-MILLION dollar housing estate is set to grow at Lennox Head.

The development application, to cost nearly $8 million, for stage three of the Epiq housing estate at Hutley Dr was lodged yesterday to Ballina Shire Council.

Proponent, Clarence Property Corporation Ltd have submitted their latest plans for the on-going residential development to include another 121 subdivisions including a new road.

The new road will be an extension of Stonyhurst Dr, the highest point of the entire estate, through the stage three development to join the Hutley-Montwood Dr connection adjacent to the proposed shopping centre.

Stage three marks the halfway mark for the estate, which will eventually comprise of about 480 homes, a shopping centre and sports fields.

Clarence Property's managing director, Paul Rippon said so far about 90% of contracts tendered for the development have gone to local companies.

Mr Rippon said more than 50% of sales from the first two stages were local, first home buyers.

"If we can keep our kids local and brining up their families here then I think that's better for everyone," Mr Rippon said.

The future construction of the shopping centre is expected to provide 270 full-time positions of the estimated year building period.

Mr Rippon predicts the facility will be open by Christmas 2018 and create 240 jobs for the area.