The FIT 2478 team are offering their service online during the coronavirus (COVID-19).
The FIT 2478 team are offering their service online during the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Gym helping to de-stress in a time of uncertainty

AS THE world moves online to undertake social distancing, one local gym have also placed special focus on people's state of mind as we continue to combat the stress of this unpredictable situation.

FIT 2478 Gym Fitness Studio and Supplement Store have created an online web program that they believe is holistic and focused on balanced strengths and aligning people's nervous systems.

"We are offering daily online workouts, live classes, food preparation and guidance from a holistic coaches around health," FIT 2478 owner Michelle Henry said.

"Stress activates the sympathetic nervous system, commonly referred to as our fight or flight response, and in a time of high environmental stress we will see our nervous system go into a protective state.

"This can be shown in our posture and emotions (closing off), and prolonged chronic stress lowers the immune system and down regulates the functioning of our hormones," she said.

"High intensity exercise places a lot of increased stress on our system, and the world has enough stress on it right now.

"We are choosing to be centred, to breathe and be focused on our own body's needs.

"We do not want to add stress to lives we want to teach grounded control."

The program includes a mix of yoga/pilates, primal health based knowledge focusing on the bodies innate primal movements, exercise physiology, and low intensity workouts that do not tax the bodies nervous system.

She said they had quickly re-evaluated their business model to continue to deliver a product clients could use as a gift to themselves and their health.

"They feel supported in our environment both physically and emotionally and we will continue to keep this relationship alive with whatever means we need to take.

"Right now we are offering this for our regular weekly membership $16.95. To join you can phone Michelle Henry 0400 638 880 or jump online at"