Scott Ludlam, Greens senator ...
Scott Ludlam, Greens senator ... "We’ve already taken some pretty dangerous steps ... towards the surveillance state." Jim Rice

Greens' Scott Ludlum wins WA Senate seat after recount

GREENS candidate Scott Ludlam has won a Federal Senate spot after a WA recount, while Labor and Palmer United Party candidates have missed out.

The results announced this afternoon, which will be challenged in court, resulted in a change to the final two seats.

Australian Sports Party candidate Wayne Dropulich claimed the fifth spot, while Mr Ludlam claimed the final seat.

Earlier in the recount it emerged that the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) had lost 1,375 votes, which remain missing.

Labor's Louise Pratt and Palmer United Party's (PUP) Dio Wang have missed out on a seat.

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