GOMA Reopening
GOMA Reopening

Gleeson: Stop teaching kids about the climate change catastrophe

NOBODY should be surprised that the Gallery of Modern Art is teaching our kids about climate activism.

But that doesn't make it right. In fact, the kids of today are our leaders of tomorrow and the way they are being taught about the "catastrophe of climate change'' is truly worrying.

Everybody is justifiably concerned about climate change. It's the only planet we've got and that's why we have signed up to the Paris Agreement and at latest count, Australia is well on track to beat its 2030 Paris renewables target.

But we won't be forging ahead with climate change reforms at the expense of killing our economy.

If the Greens get their way we'd be 100 per cent renewable energy by 2030. Madness. Unless you want to warm up in winter beside the backyard bonfire.

Now, GOMA is hosting an interactive exhibition called 'Now is Our Time', where children can design their own climate action t-shirt and "watch it come to life in an animated video of a protest scene''.

The good old-fashioned protest scene. So they can be just like their high school brethren, taking every fourth Friday of the month off to clog the streets of the CBD to protest against the looming climate Armageddon. Can we just get through this pesky pandemic first?

Artist Raquel Ormella, with some of her artwork.
Artist Raquel Ormella, with some of her artwork.

The curator of this project, Raquel Ormella, says parents should be relaxed.

"I interviewed children about their relationship to the children's march for climate change,'' she said.

"We are so focused on another catastrophe but we still need to think about the catastrophic results of climate change.''

I do hope the Canberra-based Ms Ormella and her 'Now is Our Time' team talk to the kids about climate change and the effect it has on bushfires.

After she's made that link, it is equally important that she then expose the loony policies of Greens-infested conservation and environment departments that won't allow farmers or rangers to back burn.

That results in huge fuel loads building up, and according to evidence presented to the Royal Commission into the black summer of bushfires, is a major contributor to wildfires.

The problem with climate change activism is that other theories - or beliefs - are invariably discarded.

And that's a real issue. School and academia is about a divergence of views and opinions.

Right now the loony Left have completely hijacked the debate and it's our children that are paying for their warped ideology.

Originally published as Gleeson: Stop teaching kids about the climate change catastrophe