FLOOD DAMAGE: Queen st North Bundaberg. Photo: Scottie Simmonds / NewsMail
FLOOD DAMAGE: Queen st North Bundaberg. Photo: Scottie Simmonds / NewsMail Scottie Simmonds

Flood appeal head makes urgent plea for donations

DONATIONS to the Queensland flood appeal remain at a disappointing low, prompting a urgent plea from the head of Queensland's flood appeal committee.

As it stands the flood appeal has attracted  about $6 million in donations,  $2 million of which has come from the Queensland and Federal Governments.

At the Flood Appeal Committee's first meeting in Brisbane this morning, chair Terry Mackenroth urged corporations to dig deep.

He said at least $15 million was needed to provide immediate disbursements to flood victims.

"The amount of donations we have received up to date is very low," he said.

"And for the amount of devastation I have seen just from watching televsision is not going to go anywhere near paying the sorts of claims we will receive.

"Just to make an emergency payment out of that fund could be anywhere up to $15 and $20 million.

"So we haven't got anywhere near sufficient funds to meet emergency payments.

"I am really appealing to the corporations right throughout Australia to help us with this appeal because there are a lot of people throughout Queensland that are hurting and need your help."

Mr Mackenroth said there had been a number of disasters around Australia in the last 10 years and companies may had already given a lot.

The first item on the agenda for Mr Mackenroth and other committee members, including Gladstone MP Liz Cunningham and Local Government Association of Queensland chief executive Greg Hallam, was how to provide relief as quickly as possible to as many people as possible.

The appeal will be administered by Australian Red Cross and the distributions will be administered by the committee.

The Queensland Police Service and Department of Communities briefed the committee this morning on the extent of devastation in flood-hit communities.

The committee will wait to see what the response is to the flood appeal before it approaches to the Commonwealth Government for more funds.