Find stories that matter to you with new website feature, My News Feed

We know staying informed on what’s happening around Toowoomba, Queensland and the rest of Australia is important to our readers.

While there are stories that matter a great deal to you and your family, there are topics you have much less interest in.

We get it.

This is the driving force behind a new feature that allows The Chronicle subscribers to find more stories that matter to you.

Introducing the My News Feed.

No matter how you read the news, it’s an exciting new premium feature for subscribers.

You’ll now notice Follow buttons appearing next to journalist names and on stories, and across the website and mobile site.

Allowing you to become the editor of your own feed, the new Follow option gives you the power to customise My News Feed to stay across the latest topics, events and journalists that matter to you.


Step 1: Login or create a free The Chronicle account.

Step 2: Find the Follow button next to any journalist name, news topics or page.

Tap any Follow button to instantly add to My News Feed. If it’s surfacing stories you don’t want, unfollow that section and try another section that is more relevant to your interests.

Step 3: Tap Follow to begin adding topics to your personalised news feed

That’s it. Your followed topics now display on the homepage and your very own My News page (when logged in)

You can visit at any time to find the latest stories from your favourite topics, listed by each topic.


The My News Feed lets you choose your news like never before – get the whole picture from across Australia, Queensland, or Toowoomba by tapping the Follow button above any story headline on a section you like to frequently read.

Or, make it personal.

Take a more specific approach to your newsfeed by tapping the Follow button next to any journalist name, or at the bottom of any story to see a more detailed view of the conversation you want to follow.

For example, you might want to follow Toowoomba news. You can do that here.

You could also follow our latest police and courts coverage

You can get our latest business coverage here

Perhaps you’re interested in what’s going on at the council

You might be interested in following Toowoomba development stories

Or you might want to be kept up to date with the latest on the Inland Rail Project


Changing what sections are in your feed is simple and can be done any time.

Step 1: Login to your The Chronicle account

Step 2: Visit

Step 3: Scroll through your feed and tap Unfollow next to any topic you wish to remove. You can also unfollow any sections on the article page or the website/mobile site.

Step 4: To follow new sections, read any story at The Chronicle and tap the Follow option. Or follow a section or page from the website.

Following a broad range section - such as Sport or News - will surface stories from across our news network.

If you want to get more relevant stories from sections of high interest to you – such as your favourite NRL team or from where you live — instead of following the broad section (ie Sport) head into the sub-section from our navigation bar at the top of the homepage then choose to Follow the sub-section.

For example, you might just want to follow local sport here

Or the NRL here

If you’re an AFL fan, you can follow the latest here


Not a subscriber? Join now for just $1 for the first 28 days and get full digital access.

Do you have tips or feedback about this new feature? Leave your comment in the section below.


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