Ballina Public School went into lockdown for a short time on Monday.
Ballina Public School went into lockdown for a short time on Monday.

EXPLAINED: Why Ballina school went into lockdown

NSW Police have confirmed the reason why Ballina Public School was in lockdown on Monday morning.

A spokeswoman said police were called to attend the school on Crane St around 11.30am, following reports a student had damaged property inside a classroom.

"The school went into lockdown of its own accord," she said.

"Police arrived shortly after and spoke with the student.

"No one has been charged in relation to this incident."

On Monday, the NSW Education Department confirmed the incident had taken place, following inquiries after the school alerted the community via social media.

That post was later removed from the school's social media account.

"This morning, as a precaution, students were kept in for just under an hour while an incident involving a student was resolved by staff with the support of police," the statement said.

"Nobody was threatened or hurt, and classes resumed as normal immediately afterwards."

Members of the school community voiced their dismay on social media at the fact that they only learned of the incident via their children after school that day.

One of the parents posted on a Ballina community Facebook page she was dismayed to hear about the incident in that way.

"Would have preferred to hear it from the school, as we have the right to know what our children went through but heard it from my child," she wrote.

"And had to comfort her as she was very scared when it was happening."

"The school should have contacted all families as far as I am concerned," another parent added.

NSW Education said information about the incident was communicated immediately to parents.

"Advice about the incident was posted immediately it was resolved after midday on the school's Facebook page, which has been the school's primary means of communicating quickly with parents for at least two years," a spokesman said.