Djokovic rocked by marriage claims

TENNIS legend Novak Djokovic's marriage is under scrutiny after wife Jelena - his "rock" - missed his Wimbledon win.

The 33-year-old did not attend any of his matches at the tournament, where he beat Roger Federer in last Sunday's final - his fifth men's title victory.

The Sun reports she also missed the prestigious Wimbledon Champions Ball, leaving him to go alone.

It sparked questions about the pair's five-year marriage as Jelena almost always sees him play.

After last year's win, she posted: "Thank you amore for bringing us so much joy."

This year, Djokovic, 32, said his wife had been at their London home with their daughter, Tara, 1.

They also have a son, Stefan, 4.

He said Tara was too small for Wimbledon - but he was comfortable leaving her at home so Jelena could attend last year.

The Serbian couple's marriage has previously been hit by rumours of his alleged infidelity.

They failed to mark their July 10 anniversary on social media after last year posting a snap together which she captioned: "Love loving you my love."

A source said: "Jelena has always been Novak's rock but there is speculation that they could be having problems.

"To not attend a single Wimbledon match is quite a statement for someone usually so quick to share her pride in his success and how strong they are together."

After his victory, Djokovic said: "It's extra special sharing it with my son in the crowd and my parents, the whole team.

My wife and my daughter are here in London, but they're at home. So I give them a big, big hug."

A day earlier, Jelena Djokovic posted a picture on Instagram of her children with the location marked as 'Wimbledon'.

Yesterday, after a long period of silence, Jelena posted an Instagram story showing the couple reading coverage of her husband's Wimbledon win.

It was just 12 months ago that Djokovic described winning Wimbledon and seeing his wife and son Stefan in the crowd looking down at him as he lifted the trophy as one of the happiest moments of his life.

Jelena was only able to bring son Stefan inside the Centre Court after match point in his win over Kevin Anderson in the 2018 men's final because of Wimbledon's bizarre rules that forbid children under the age of five from entering the venue.

"Actually, I didn't talk about it, but it was one of, if not the biggest, motivation I've had for this Wimbledon this year," Djokovic said of his son.

Jelena Djokovic, wife of Novak Djokovic, and their son Stefan Djokovic applaud after the Men's Singles final in 2018.
Jelena Djokovic, wife of Novak Djokovic, and their son Stefan Djokovic applaud after the Men's Singles final in 2018.

"I was visualising, imagining this moment of him coming to the stands, cherishing this moment with my wife and me and everyone. It's hard to describe.

"I never had him in the box watching the tennis match. I was hoping that Wimbledon can be that tournament because he's big enough now I think to stay quiet maybe for 30 minutes or so

"There are special rules here so we have to respect them.

"Roger (Federer) had his girls and his boys as well, I think, last year and the years that he won at the trophy ceremony, so I was hoping I can have Stefan, too."

"He was not there til the very moment when I was walking to get an interview. He walked in. So that was just a moment that I will carry inside of my heart forever."

He said spending time with his son during the 2018 tournament gave him balance and a new reserve of motivation to tap into.

"It feels amazing. For the first time in my life, I have someone screaming, 'Daddy, daddy' as I've done it," Djokovic said on centre court.

"I can't be happier. I am emotional for him being there and my whole team.

"He was by far the best sparring partner I had in last couple of weeks."

That golden moment 12 months ago suddenly feels a very long time ago.

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