Horror footage of a cyclist being hit by a car in NSW has sparked debate online, with some people incorrectly claiming the group of riders were in the wrong.

Police are investigating after a driver collided with a cyclist after confronting footage of the incident began spreading on social media.

The footage was posted to Twitter by SBS World News presenter Michael Tomalaris on Saturday.

The video is timestamped to February 2018, but the incident occurred on Saturday in Newcastle.

NSW Police were not able to confirm where or when the alleged incident occurred when asked by news.com.au and could only say the incident had been reported and inquiries have commenced.

"Anyone with information is urged to come forward," NSW Police added in a statement.

People have reacted mainly with shock to the footage, and sought to remind drivers that cyclists are also people.

"No way anyone hits bike riders like that, and does not know it," one person replied to Mr Tomalaris' post.

Another user said the footage "terrifies" them because their husband "rides his bike everywhere".

Ron Brisby, who is "passionate about cycle touring" according to his Twitter bio, told them they were right to be terrified.

"I have cycled in more than a few countries and Australian drivers are by far the least courteous and most impatient I have encountered," he said.

Some speculated that the driver may not have stopped.

A local rider who was not present but has previously ridden with the group said the vehicle stopped a couple hundred metres up the road.

He told news.com.au the cyclist who was hit had some injuries and their bike was broken.

Several cars safely pass the peloton before one collides with a cyclist.
Several cars safely pass the peloton before one collides with a cyclist.

He added he and other cyclists were hesitant to comment too much more to avoid inciting further aggression from drivers.

"Anyone that thinks the cyclists are in the wrong shouldn't be driving a car," another Twitter user summed up.

Some social media users sought to shift blame on to the cyclists for riding two abreast in since deleted tweets.

But riding side-by-side is legal in NSW - It's up to drivers to keep themselves a metre away from cyclists as they pass.

"Bicycle riders are entitled to use a full lane when riding on the road and are allowed to ride two abreast in one lane," Transport for NSW's centre for road safety explains.

"If bicycle riders are taking up a full lane, motorists need to overtake as they would any other vehicle. This means waiting for a safe opportunity to pass."

Originally published as Cycling road rule drivers get wrong