Crusty criminal caught before brothel visit

A PIZZA delivery carjacking and night of debauchery at the Orlando St brothel was foiled by GPS, pinning Daniel Peter Thomas to the scene of the crime.

The 40-year-old told police he drank about half a bottle of vodka when watching the Floyd Mayweather v Conor McGregor boxing match on August 27 with his ex-partner.

After an argument with his ex-partner, Thomas left the McLean St home for a Coffs pub and a had a "couple" of bourbon and cokes.

Later that night, a Dominos delivery driver in a white Subaru Forester stopped at the Chelsea Motor Inn on Grafton St to deliver a pizza.

Police told the court, Thomas approached the delivery driver and said something to the effect of, "Get out of the car, give me your keys."

The pizza delivery driver asked, "Can I just get the customer's pizza?" before handing over the keys.

Thomas allowed the driver to get the pizza, which was delivered to a customer at the motel, before he drove away in the Dominos car fitted with a GPS tracker.

The driver reported the carjacking to police, who were able to use the GPS tracker to locate the car on Edgar St.

When searching the area, police stopped at the $250/hr Spank brothel on Orlando St and spoke with a witness.

The witness told police when she asked Thomas what he had been doing, he responded: "Oh, not much. You'll probably see red and blue flashing lights soon."

The witness told police Thomas then bragged about the stolen car, saying: "It's not mine. It's a Subaru key. I'm good at it. I haven't been caught yet."

Thomas then left the brothel to withdraw cash from an ATM at the Jetty Village.

Police from Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command attended the ATM where they caught Thomas.

A search revealed Thomas had $270 in his wallet.

At the Coffs Harbour Police Station, Thomas blew 0.154 in a breath analysis.

He was charged with intent to take/drive car and high range PCA.

On Monday, Magistrate Robert Walker issued Thomas a 180-hour community service order in the Coffs Harbour Local Court. Thomas was also disqualified from driving for six months, with an interlock system to be fitted for the following two years, and handed a $1500 fine.