A view of Wollumbin National Park (aka Mount Warning).
A view of Wollumbin National Park (aka Mount Warning).

Community responds to plans to keep Wollumbin closed

There has been a mixed response to a revelation of plans to keep the Wollumbin summit track closed for good.

COVID-19 concerns were cited as the initial reason for closing the track to the peak, also known as Mount Warning, in March 2020.

At that time, many national parks across the state were similarly affected by restrictions resulting from the pandemic.

But as restrictions eased, the Wollumbin closure continued.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service confirmed in January the extended closure was still expected to be reviewed in May this year.

The organisation said, at that time, the chain section at the top of the summit track had been removed due to safety concerns and claimed there had been 44 "significant visitor safety incidents" on the track since 2010.

The Right to Climb group has this week released documents which it says were obtained through a Freedom of Information request, detailing plans to close the park entirely on November 25, 2022.


We asked our readers whether they support plans to keep the track closed.

Minnie Morrison: No. It's a great hike and a great sight when you get to the top.

Toni-Anne Stamp: Fun Police!

Sharon Restall: Hell no. Use it as a teaching tool.

Damien Power: Who is going to police it? As long as you don't rubbish the area you should be free to use it.

Daniel Poles: It was a beautiful walk years ago.

Ella Blue: Not up to the Government. The Elders will let the public and Government know the rules.

Khay Dixon: Yes

Andrew McNeill: Yes

Maxine Mapperson: No