Hilary Clinton
Hilary Clinton

Clinton edges closer to nomination

LEADING media agencies in the US were declaring Hillary Clinton the Democratic Party's presidential nominee yesterday, much to the chagrin of Bernie Sanders' campaign management.

Today's primaries in six states are expected to push Mrs Clinton over the line anyway, but Associated Press and CNN say pledges of support over the weekend from so-called super delegates have got her past the required total of 2383 delegates.

According to CNN's count, Mrs Clinton has 1812 pledged delegates won in primaries and caucuses, plus the support of 572 super delegates - one more than she needs to secure the nomination ahead of her rival, Senator Sanders.

His campaign manager, Michael Briggs, was having none of it.

"It is unfortunate that the media, in a rush to judgment, are ignoring the Democratic National Committee's clear statement that it is wrong to count the votes of super delegates before they actually vote at the convention this summer," he said in a statement.

"Secretary Clinton does not have and will not have the requisite number of pledged delegates ... she will be dependent on super delegates, who do not vote until July 25 and who can change their minds between now and then."