George Christensen. Picture: Tony Martin
George Christensen. Picture: Tony Martin

Christensen to meet with Julian Assange next week

DAWSON MP George Christensen is preparing for his trip to meet Wikileaks founder Julian Assange on Tuesday.

Mr Christensen and Clark MP Andrew Wilkie will self-fund their travel to London to visit Mr Assange, who is toiling in HM Prison Belmarsh.

The pair was initially expected to visit on Sunday, however Mr Christensen's office has since advised the meeting date has been delayed until Tuesday, February 18.

The maverick MP told parliament Mr Assange should be allowed to return home.

He said he wanted to see first-hand how Mr Assange is faring due to concerning reports about his health and the severity of his treatment in prison.

"My concern is we have a foreign country - the US - seeking to extradite an Australian citizen from another foreign country for breaching laws of a foreign country that they are not subject to, as they were not in that country (the US) to breach those laws," Mr Christensen said.

"And what was the alleged breach? The receipt of information in the public interest that he then published. That shouldn't be a crime.

"It is my view, and the view of the Bring Julian Assange Home parliamentary group, that extradition proceedings should cease, and Mr Assange be brought back to Australia."

Mr Christensen and Mr Wilkie will spend four days in London.

Other meetings, primarily with Mr Assange's legal team, are expected to take place.

Mr Assange is facing charges in the US over WikiLeaks having received and published thousands of classified cables on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In November, Swedish prosecutors dropped a rape investigation against him.