Tyniell Jade Brand has been jailed for torturing a woman.
Tyniell Jade Brand has been jailed for torturing a woman.

Child killer’s friend tortured with rusty hammer and petrol

A friend of child killer Matthew Scown says she accepted death when she was subjected to horrific torture by a woman high on meth.

Tyniell Jade Brand, 26, was on Wednesday sentenced to jail for torturing Sophie Whiteley who in 2019 had been "involved with" Scown- the stepfather convicted of manslaughter over Tyrell Cobb's death.

Maroochydore District Court heard Brand carried out the torture with a co-accused who allegedly scorned Ms Whiteley, 29, for "bringing a kid killer into my home".


Tyniell Jade Brand has been jailed for torturing a woman.
Tyniell Jade Brand has been jailed for torturing a woman.

Crown prosecutor Christopher Cook said the trio had taken methamphetamine when the co-accused allegedly began shocking Ms Whiteley with a taser at his Maroochydore home on June 5, 2019.

Brand sobbed over video link from Southern Queensland Correctional Centre as she heard how she fetched zip ties to restrain Ms Whiteley before standing on her hand.

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"Brand returned with masking tape and she wrapped that around the complainant's head and face multiple times," crown prosecutor Will Slack said.

"The complainant could not breathe properly."

Ms Whiteley laid on the carpet in just her shirt and underwear as she was kicked repeatedly.

Brand then used a knife to cut Ms Whiteley's face.

"Every time you look in the mirror at your pretty little face this will be a reminder of how much of a grub you are," Brand told her.


Tyniell Jade Brand has been jailed.
Tyniell Jade Brand has been jailed.

Mr Slack alleged the co-accused then took Ms Whiteley into an ensuite and told her he was angry with her for using his car a few days prior and previously bringing "kid killer" Scown to his home.

"The complainant was involved with (Scown)," Mr Slack said.

"The relevance of that, however, and the reason for torturing the complainant over that is largely irrelevant.

"It's no reason whatsoever but that's the context."

Mr Slack said Ms Whiteley felt terrified when the co-accused allegedly threw petrol onto her.

The court heard Brand also hit Ms Whiteley with a rusty hammer more than 10 times.

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"After hours I actually accepted that I was going to die," Ms Whiteley said in a victim impact statement.

Brand left the home and was arrested in July for her actions which she initially denied.

She had been on parole at the time and was returned to custody.

The 26 year old on Wednesday pleaded guilty to one count of torture.

She had been in custody for 531 days, 296 of which could be declared as time already served.

The court heard Brand had 16 prior convictions for various offences.

Defence barrister Simon Lewis said a psychologist's report linked mental health issues Brand suffered with her offending.

He said Brand had a tough childhood and required significant therapy to deal with her issues and drug addiction.

"She is in a cycle of both being abused and abusing herself," he said.

"It seems the only light she has is the focus on trying to get herself sorted out for her children."

Judge Gary Long said Brand had some remorse for her actions and a sense of the impact she had on her victim.

He said a letter Brand wrote demonstrated she understood there was a link between her drug use and traumatic events in her life.

Brand was sentenced to seven years in jail to be served on top of any sentences previously imposed.

She will be eligible for parole in March 2023.

Her co-accused is expected to face trial later this year.