ZAYNE Roberts was the smallest of all five of his siblings at birth, all of them being 8 and 9 pound babies, while he weighed in at 6.9 pounds.

Born at the Gladstone hospital on April 14, parents Laura Pines and Shane Roberts weren't used to having and holding such a small child in comparison to the others.

"I wasn't expecting him to be so small," Laura said.

"But I have had three other boys so I think I'm pretty much a professional at this now."

Dad Shane Roberts has two of his own children Tyler, 5, and Caitlin, 7, and with Laura's Bailey, 7, Brian, 5, and Jayson, 2, they make up a family of eight.

"We were initially hoping for a girl when I found out I was pregnant," Laura said.

"That way Caitlin could have a sister, but now she has five brothers to look after her."

Zayne's original due date was April 27, so you can imagine his siblings' surprise when he came more than 10 days early.

"They had been counting down to the hour, so when they found out he was born April 14 they were very excited."

Zayne's siblings will get to meet him when he and Laura are out of hospital this week.

"They are going to keep him very busy. As soon as he can stand they will have him outside kicking around the soccer ball."