The severed tail of a beloved family cat was left at the front door.
The severed tail of a beloved family cat was left at the front door. Ilya Andriyanov

Cat's tail left on front doorstep

THE severed tail of a beloved family pet was left on the owner’s front doorstep in a shocking crime in Hervey Bay, police reported yesterday.

A Hervey Bay police spokesman confirmed a man in Wondunna contacted the station on Tuesday afternoon about the severed tail, which appeared in front of the home overnight after the cat itself went missing on Saturday, July 16.

The cat is believed to have been with the family a long time, as it was reported to be 14 to 15 years old.

The cat was said to be grey in colour.

Ron McKay from the Hervey Bay Veterinary Surgery said a case where a cat’s tail was removed for the purpose of animal cruelty could involve “extreme pain and distress” for the animal.

The cat, if it survived, could also experience ongoing phantom pain from the stump, Dr McKay said.

The police spokesman said the man who reported the crime also mentioned an earlier incident involving another of the family’s three felines.

On the Friday before the grey cat went missing, one of the other cats returned home with a fish hook through its mouth, the spokesman said, but there was no information as to whether the two incidents were related.

Anyone with any information can call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.