A crane retrieves a car and a caravan from a creek on Teven Rd, Teven.
A crane retrieves a car and a caravan from a creek on Teven Rd, Teven. Cathy Adams

Crane pulls car and mobile home from creek after crash

UPDATE, 3.30pm: A CRANE was called to help retrieve a car and a fifth-wheeler mobile home from a creek alongside Teven Rd at Teven.

Ballina Police duty officer Chief Inspector Bill McKenna said police, NSW Fire and Rescue and Hazmat crews had been at the scene since 10.30am.

"It appears that the driver has run off the road and the car, a white Nissan Navara, and the caravan are submerged in the creek," he said.

"A crane has been called to get the vehicles out of the water, but there have been some difficulties with the retrieval."

It is understood the steep embankment made the retrieval harder for the crane and tow trucks.

Chief Insp McKenna said the driver was not hurt in the incident.

Teven Rd was closed while the retrieval operation was conducted.


ORIGINAL STORY: EMERGENCY Services are on the scene of an incident at Teven where a camper van has become partially submerged in water.

Fire and Rescue NSW and the Rural Fire Service are in attendance on Teven Road at Teven, a spokesperson from Fire and Rescue NSW confirmed.

The spokesperson said they were unsure if the camper van had become submerged as a result of a crash, or if anyone was injured.

They said crews were working to make the area safe.