The Lennox Head Community Market was expected to have a change of management.
The Lennox Head Community Market was expected to have a change of management.

Why doesn't anyone want to run the Lennox Head markets?

THE Lennox Head Community Market is not expected to come back anytime soon, as council received no expressions of interest to manage it at Williams Reserve.

Council resolved at its September meeting to invite Expressions of Interest for the management of the market.

"Regrettably, without an appointed market manager the Lennox Head Community Market is not expected to recommence," a council spokeswoman confirmed today.

Ballina mayor David Wright said he hopes someone agrees to manage the markets, or council will have to look into a change of site.

"The problem is that being Crown Land, the market is restricted to no more than about 30 stalls or sites, and it would need a new development approval application," he said.

"Many of the people that made inquiries said than 30 wasn't viable.

"But I think there are less than 30 sites at the Farmers Markets in Ballina at Commemoration Park, and that's incredibly successful," he added.

He acknowledged that the Williams Reserve site is not popular with stall holders.

"It's either very hot or very windy," he said.

"But there is no way (the market) can go back to Lake Ainsworth, because there are not enough powered sites and the place is not able to handle too many people there anymore."


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Mayor Wright confirmed council may look into alternative sites.

"Maybe there is a private site that could be used," he said.

"But at the moment we are waiting in case someone does come in or, I don't know, whatever happens."

The mayor said a future solution could be the main street of Lennox Head after it has been upgraded, in late 2023.

"There may be an opportunity to have something in the street, maybe not every month," he said.

"People still want markets."

Potential market managers who have an interest in operating the market are invited to contact Council to discuss ideas and potential proposals.

Contact Simon Scott, Council's Strategic Planner, on telephone 02 6686 1284 or email