Break-and-enters down but fraud, DVs on rise

CRIME across the Richmond and Tweed Byron Local Area Commands is down according to the latest statistics, but domestic-related assaults and fraud are offences on the rise.

Fraud offences increased by 20.5% over the 24 months to March 2013 and the number of domestic-related assaults were up by 6.1% over the same period.

The only spike in crime figures was in the Byron Bay Local Government Area LGA where fraud offences were up by 116.7 % and stealing from homes was up by 40% over the past two years.

In contrast, break-and-enters of homes in the Byron Bay LGA were down by 42.2% and break-and-enters of other premises fell by 46%.

The drop in property crime was also reflected across the Richmond Local Area Command with the LGA's of Ballina, Lismore and Kyogle seeing falls.

Break-and-enters of homes in the Ballina LGA fell by 62.2% and theft from motor vehicles dropped by 47.8%.

The Lismore LGA saw a 32.2% fall in break-and-enters while theft from motor vehicles in the Kyogle LGA dropped by 50%.

Richmond LAC duty officer Inspector Matt Kehoe attributed the rise in domestic-related assaults to a program encouraging people to report it.

He said the rise in fraud offences was due to some offenders being charged multiple times.

"When individuals are charged with multiple offences that are reported it appears as though the figures are increasing when it's more to the fact of the good work of the police in arresting and identifying all of those offences," he said.