A cat was stolen by a woman’s housemate and taken to the pound. Photo: File
A cat was stolen by a woman’s housemate and taken to the pound. Photo: File

‘Bizarre’ reason housemate ‘kidnapped’ cat

A MAGISTRATE said it was bizarre that a housemate "kidnapped" a cat, leaving its kittens without food.

A court heard Phillip Barry Taylor was sharing accommodation with a woman who had a cat.

The woman noticed her cat was missing on February 3 and began searching online for found cat notices.

"Because the cat had kittens, she had to go purchase syringes and bottles for them," police prosecutor Stu Lydford said.

Eventually the woman came across her cat on the council website.

It was at the pound.

Police inquiries revealed Taylor had dropped the cat there.

Magistrate Matthew McLaughlin said the offence was made more "nasty" by the kittens being "abandoned" without their food source.

At Maroochydore Magistrates Court on Friday, Taylor pleaded guilty to one charge of stealing.

He had an explanation for his actions.

"It was due to animal cruelty," he said.

Taylor told the court the cat wasn't registered or desexed and he took it to the pound in hopes it would find a better owner.

Mr McLaughlin asked what he thought would happen to the kittens.

"They'd actually segregated the mother. They'd kicked her out of the room and she wasn't given food or water and therefore was roaming down the street," Taylor said.

Mr McLaughlin said it would have been smarter for Taylor to contact the RSPCA or mind his own business rather than "kidnapping the cat".

"Yes that's so. Absolutely," Taylor said.

He was fined $200 and the conviction was not recorded.

"Even if the cat was being neglected, it's still going to be looking after its babies. It's not going to neglect its babies," Mr McLaughlin said.

"If you were so concerned about the cat you'd have to also be concerned about the kittens so it doesn't make any sense to just take the mother cat and not the kittens to the pound

"The whole story is bizarre and I'm not sure I got the whole story."