The passionfruit left a lot to be desired.
The passionfruit left a lot to be desired. David Davies

What's wrong with this picture of passionfruit?

THERE'S nothing like savouring the flavour of a delicious passionfruit.

But one Hervey Bay man was left disappointed when he cut open the fruit this week, only to find there were no seeds or pulp inside.

David Davies shared a photo of the offending fruit to Facebook this week, saying he had never seen anything like it before.

"A passionfruit with not a seed anywhere to be seen," he said on the post.

A quick Google search revealed there could be many reasons behind the dearth of pulp in the passionfruit, including a lack of moisture as the fruit was forming, a virus caused by aphid infestation and poor pollination.

After his disappointing passionfruit, David gave up on the idea of a delicious passionfruit.

"I decided on a mandarin after that," he said.

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