INFATIGABLE: James Reyne on stage.
INFATIGABLE: James Reyne on stage.

Acoustic James Reyne falls on Lennox Head

A CRAWL to Now is a 90-minute acoustic live show, featuring songs chosen from more than 20 albums by Australian music icon James Reyne, including songs from Australian Crawl to now.

Speaking from the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria where he grew up and still lives, the artist said he was a regular visitor to the Northern Rivers as his wife Leanne is from the area.

"My wife owns a house in Byron Bay so we get to enjoy the best of both worlds," he said. "We spend a lot of time in Byron, I often go down to The Pass and run up to the lighthouse.

"We are up there as often as we can."

James Reyne is the father of Neighbours actor Jaime-Robbie Reyne.

James Reyne said the show, coming to Lennox Head, would be an acoustic duo.

"It's me on guitar and vocals and a guy called Josh Owen on guitar and vocals, and it's pretty much all the hits, the Australian Crawl and the solos stuff, acoustically," he said.

"People come along, have a drink, enjoy themselves and sing along, they know all the songs.

"We should have called the show All The Hits, really.

"The songs will be played the way people know them but with a big acoustic sound," he said.

Besides the obvious hits, Reyne said putting the songlist together could sometimes be trick, given that he had 20 albums of material to choose from.

"We have a basic set and that's 90 minutes," he said.

"But since we know all the songs, if someone, for instance, yells out a song, we can always go on a tangent and do that.

"These kind of shows are a lot more intimate.

"We have more freedom to talk about the songs and tell stories about what happened.

"People are closer, they are listening, it's not as loud.

"And sometimes I'm asked to play songs that are not mine!"