SHOW: Backbone is Gravity and Other Myth's third work, and it examines the various perceptions of what strength is.
SHOW: Backbone is Gravity and Other Myth's third work, and it examines the various perceptions of what strength is.

A show with a backbone full of action

BACKBONE is Gravity and Other Myth's third stage work. The company skilfully intertwines acrobatics and live music and is bringing the new show to the Northern Rivers.

Described as a high-octane of physical virtuosity, the idea of the show is to test the limits of strength at a physical, emotional, individual and collective levels.

At the core of this show is director Darcy Grant, who just moved to Iluka with his family after years living in Nimbin.

Grant started working on this piece with the rest of the company in 2016, and the piece has toured non-stop nationally and internationally until now.

"Gravity and other Myths is the longest-running acrobatics ensemble around, and because of that, their skills are completely out of control, they are amazing," he said.

"So (the show has) an extreme high acrobatics level, but also it had a real budget to design a great piece, rehearsal time to perfect it and time to write an original score, so for this show we didn't have to rush anything, it's a really well-made piece."'

Mr Grant said the show is themed around the idea of strength.

"The starting point (to develop the show) was how do we measure strength, or how express it," he said.

"As a group, besides the idea of saying 'I'm a strong person', what other sources of strength are out there?

"What is maternal strength, what is the strength between a group of friends, and what is the strength in being vulnerable?

"We started with the ways we could articulate these ideas physically, and then took inspiration from a design and music level, so (the show does not have) a singular narrative, but has a strong dramaturgic baseline, " he added.

The show also includes the use of a number of props and elements on stage to support the narrative.

The show includes ten performers plus two musicians, a percussionist and a violin player, Shenzo Gregoio and nick Martin, with composers by Shenton Gregory and Elliot Zoerner.

Gravity and Other Myth's previous show, Out of Chaos, also directed by Mr Grant, won the 2019 Helpmann Award for Best Physical Theatre.

At Lismore City Hall, Friday and Saturday march 27 and 28, 7.30pm. 80 minutes. No interval. For details visit