ACE: Ballina Advocate surfing columnist Max Perrot in the water.
ACE: Ballina Advocate surfing columnist Max Perrot in the water.

A final wave from Max Perrot

ANDREW McKinnon wrote the very first surf column for The Northern Star in 1981 with Surf Talk.

"While working at the Ballina RSL, I mentioned to Johnny Cheadle that I wanted to write a surf column. His brother Barry was the sports editor and said he would put in a good word for me."

"It was an exciting period with the kicking off a $1,000,000 World Tour, Simon Anderson had invented the thruster and a group of us had established the South of the Border Surfing Association. I'm honoured to be part of a list of dedicated surf writers to keep everyone informed and maintain the stoke. "

The next was Peter Ellem, who was deputy editor at the Star.

"As surfing became more popular on the Far North Coast, and more boardriders' clubs were formed, Making Waves grew in column inches with surf politics, profiles on rising young guns or surfing legends, and design innovations. Thanks to all contributors, especially Byron Bay's Keith Anderson."

Next was Phil Roxburgh, who was to be the last surf columnist for the Star.

"There was a lot to write about at the time as surfing was growing exponentially, with new events rapidly popping up and a lot of talented young surfers emerging from our region. It was an honour to give back to surfing and contribute to a sport that gave me personally a lot of pleasure."

Mick Bishop was the first to pen a surf column in the Ballina Advocate, and at the time he was a surf shop owner and surfing event organiser.

"Times are changing, we know, but I will always remember hand writing the weekly surf report for the Advocate and my wife Debby would deliver it to the office in Tamar St. Thanks for the memories, all the best for the next stage in media reports."

Kellie O'Brien, a former journalism student was next.

"At the time I was deeply embedded in the surfing community and was involved as a competitor, coach, event organiser and club development, writing for magazines and working at All Above Board surf shop. I am very grateful for the opportunity to support my community and thanks to all the male surfers who supported my efforts. "

Finally, it was our current columnist, Max Perrot.

It's been a pleasure, I would like to thank former editor Graham Broadhead for his support and all those who contributed, especially the photographers.

Note from the editor: Thanks Max, you have been a pleasure to work with.

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