Birrigan Gargle Local Aboriginal Land Council (BGLALC)

Date listed: 14/9/2019

 Annual General Meeting (AGM) In accordance with the Aboriginal Land Rights Regulations 2014 Division 4, BGLALC invites members to attend the Annual General Meeting. Election to all board positions is also to be conducted at this meeting. DATE: Monday, 23 September 2019 TIME: 5pm PLACE:Treelands Community Centre, Treelands Drive Yamba In relation to the election for board members: A voting member of Birrigan Gargle LALC is not entitled to vote, nominate, accept a nomination or be elected to office in elections for Board Members if the voting member has not attended at least 2 meetings of the Birrigan Gargle LALC in the preceding 12 months as a voting member (Aboriginal Land Rights Regulations [2014] 22 (5) Note. 1). All enquiries regarding this meeting and/or whether you are entitled to vote (under the 2 meeting rule) should be directed to the Birrigan Gargle LALC during office hours. Authorised: Diane Randall: CHAIRPERSON

Yamba 2464